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    I want to connect an external RFID sensor to the Puck.js? Has anyone done that before? Should I use a serial connection or what would be the best/ easiest way to do it? Does anyone know some sensor devices that I could use for that purpose?

    I have to say that I haven't got any experience with connecting external devices? Is there a good instruction anywhere? As far as I see it serial connections do use two pins (TX and RX) for data transmission as well as one GND pin and one for power (which should not be more than 3,3V - so that the puck.js can power the sensor).

    One more question concerning the power consumption: is it possible to power the puck.js with an external battery (one that lasts longer and is easier to replace/reload)? What sort of batteries could I use and how would I connect them to the puck.js?

    What I finally want to do is: using the external RFID sensor to sense the RFID data and then transmit it via the blutooth (puck.js) to an app running on a connected mobile phone, which is then sending it to a webserver. If you have any helpful thoughts on that setup, I would be appriciate if you would let me know too.