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    Thanks for the quick reply, although that's a bit of a letdown, your announcement sounds promising ;)
    I'll definitely give it a shot, since I really like the JS programming approach.

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    Hey folks,

    I have just received two NodeMCU boards and thanks to all the tutorials and great resources getting started with Espruino was a piece of cake - thank all of you for your efforts!

    I've managed to read IR codes sent out by various remotes using the IRReceiver module and I would like to replay them using the board and an IR LED.
    Unfortunately, however, (as it seems to me) I haven't been able to do so using analogWrite with a 38kHz frequency and digitalPulse. If I understand correctly, this is due to the lack of PWM support in Espruino for ESP8266, am I right? Although I've been using platforms like the Raspberry Pi etc. for several years, I'm quite new to the "low level stuff" and I'd just like to know, whether I got my head around this correctly.

    I guess due to Javascript's event loop nature and the required accuracy a pure JS implementation is not feasible, right?

    Possibly related (?): PWM? Anyone ever get it working? Even via peek/poke directly at control registers?

    Thanks in advance!