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    I'm from Amperka, the company with the clone mentioned.

    The mistake perhaps is in fact I didn't mention the plans before the release, but I'm quite astonished that emerging of a new board with Espruino got such negative reaction. Isn't it the aim of making project open source to make things ubiquituous and to benefit from this as a firstprimary source?

    About the fork. There are two actually: one for IDE and one for core. I'm not happy that we have to fork. Its not the fork to replace logo. Let me explain.

    There are critical things that should be in the IDE, but we can't get them tracked by upstream. For example unicode support (yes, its matter for our audience) and Arduino-like code flashing (save()) on upload so that they get familar behavior. We can write a plugin and create pull request, it even get merged but not enabled. To enable a plugin you should tweak the code. This is not user friendly. So the fork is about enabling plugins that are already in upstream and changing path to modules…

    Path to modules, again, there is no easy way to make humane 3rd-party module without pre-moderation. So our module repo is a proxy that returns one of our modules if found and original otherwise. The system is still locked and we are looking toward creation of independent repository platform for espruino modules in nearest future.

    Regarding computing power for compilation, it's fair. We'll deploy infrastructure on our servers.

    About attribution. All mentions of Iskra JS and JavaScript in MCU are accompanied by Espruino credit. If you would like to be more explicit in a concrete place, no problem, just let me know.

    Summary. Amperka is a Russian company that sells in Russia. It's tiny market comparing to EU and US. It's hard to imagine that Iskra JS can affect Espruino sales since we're not operate outside of Russia. Symmetrically it's hard to imagine that Espruino in it's current state can get traction on Russian market.

    So I see no commercial conflict and see many points of synergy in software part of development. @Gordon, I have wrote you an e-mail with few points. Check it once you'd have a minute thank you. And sorry for disappointing, no offence.