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    As a preface,I don't know a huge amount about micro computing etc... don't worry about giving too much of a tutorial in response though ( probably a bit unfair and also in the wrong place )

    I'm currently looking for something that:

    • Is wifi enabled
    • Is small
    • Is cheap
    • Can run as a Web Server/Service Ideally would run node.js but running a JS enviroment is fine.
    • Is easy to power and leave running.
    • Can accept input from sensor modules, hopefully switch relays. ( i think there's something to do with 5v vs 3.xV here but as i say i'm very fresh to this)

    Am i right in thinking this board will be good at all of these things?

    Also, a bit cheeky perhaps but i don't think this will be suitable as a node.js solution... is there something you could recommend for this. (if it helps counter the cheekiness, i am highly likely to purchase many of these modules for the JS environment)