Request. Blinking Flashlight

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  • I thought it might be interesting to modify the torch app in order make available an option to have the screen blink, with a choice of different timings and colors. Could be useful as a signal while trekking, even if the display light isn't that powerful. Anyone could give it a try? 🙂

  • i am sure gpt4 could help you with that, easily.

    unless you live in places which is not within the circle of friends of USA

    as an example, the "back swipe" app used the same Lt to Rt swipe which the "swipe back to clock" use, so i used gpt4 to modify "back swipe" to recognize Up to Down, Rt to Lt instead.

    just modify a single line.

    gpt4 could help to create,
    and for modify, it's super fit i'll say.

  • I don't understand how this can be useful with trekking, but we can help you develop this app.

    But you should start with the tutorials first.

  • Thanks everybody for the replies. I recently had the chance to test a Huawei smartwatch and found out about this blinking Flashlight feature. Here's how it works, out of curiosity :)­ontent/en-us15927041/

  • A blinking flashlight can help you save battery life when you don’t need constant light. For example, if you are night hiking, you can use a blinking flashlight to illuminate your path intermittently. This way, you can conserve your battery power and extend the runtime of your flashlight.

    Or you can use it to signal your presence to others. Different people could choose different colors to be identified with.

    Just thinking 🙂

  • not bad for a S.O.S signal.

    those 2 lovely germanic girls in panama...­or-update-mystery-panama-jungle-girls-ne­w-search/

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Request. Blinking Flashlight

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