Espruino IDE problem with WebSerial

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  • Hi,

    I installed Espruino on my ESP32 board. All seems to work except when I try to use Espruino Web IDE (or the native version of this).

    It is like the webserial api does not works on my pc (windows 11, chrome 115.0.5790.102, chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-­platform-features enabled).

    If I try to use the ESPlorer tool, it works. If I try to use WebSerial (also with external tools googling "Web based Serial Terminal") it doesn't works.

    I already setted the right boundrate 115200 in configuration.

    Someone can help me?


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  • Please share a picture of the board and how it's connected. I guess it has no serial to usb chip.

  • I attached an image where the ESP32 responds with the espruino logo, the version of the firmware and at the command ESP32.getState(). It works only using the tool ESPlorer (this tool does not use websocket) via the serial com8 port at boundrate 115200. But if I try to use Espruino Web Ide, no response from the board.

  • I suspect
    1) that you do not have the correct drivers installed on the PC for the UART to USB connection you are using. or
    2) maybe not using the correct com port.

    Regarding (1) The ESP UART to USB connection will need to use a chip (in the cable or on the board) that needs the correct driver. Eg FTDI chip neeeds drivers from here

    I you need more help, please explain , How are you making the connection between the board and the PC. Share a picture of the CABLE between the board and the PC which shows how the cable is connectedto the ESP32 board and describe ESP32 board you are using.

    regarding (2) it looks like from your picture the WebIDE thinks it is connected to a com port. If the Baud rate is correct then the IDE is still not receiving ESPRUINO response on the com port. Are you sure Com8 is the correct COM port? Maybe something else is on Com8 (not esp32). Use device manager to see what com ports are active. But if the drivers are not corrrect then the com port may not be assigned (visible in device manager) or it may be assigned and show an error in device manager.

    Good luck,

  • PS also this may help
    section Espruino Web IDE

  • @user156029 so I guess the webserial is not supporting the serial chip on your ESP32 board.

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Espruino IDE problem with WebSerial

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