Why so little memory on board with ESP32

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  • Hello everyone. I'm using ESP32 Wroom 32 devkit. It is advertised as having

    • Flash-memory: 448 Кb
    • SRAM-memory: 520 Kb
      BUT as I use process.memory(), I get quite confusing answer:
      Total of 2351 block * 14 bytes (blocksize) results in ~33Kbytes what is extremly low.
      Even if I made a mistake in calculations, I have seen with my own eyes how quickly I lose 2/3 of memory total memory after just a few requires(btw all files are minified) and launching a ws server with 2-3 connections.
      How do u think, can it be a problem with the firmware or Wifi + BLE modules take soo much memory?

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  • Based on my experience, ESP32 eats memory, RAM and Flash, like crazy.
    This became more and more with each new version of ESP-IDF
    If you need to have WIFI and BLE, I would recommend ESP32 with additional memory

  • Am I correct that exatly support of BLE & Wifi eats most of the memory?

  • @JumJum, hello again. I continued to search for answers, even have found ur 5 year old thread on esp32, where you state that:

    • ESP32.enableBLE(false/true) , adds about 1900 additional JsVars
    • ESP32.enableWifi/false/true) , adds about 3800 additional JsVars

    And I see that lots of people are talking about switching BLE off to get more free memory. But even 2500 jsVars is only ~35Kbytes, meanwhile my board advertises to have around more than 500 KBytes of ram. That's just nonsense!

  • I agree, ESP32 with ESP-IDF eats memory like crazy.

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Why so little memory on board with ESP32

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