• Hi,
    Find attached a visual of the ESP32 build script process. It shows the build scripts and how they interact with the build files you get from a clone of
    git clone --recursive https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoBuil­dTools.git .

    I did it to try and understand the process myself , sharing in case usefull to anyone. As alway im open to any corrections or feedback. If PDF, Visio source or JPG is more usefull. Let me know.

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    • ESP32_EspruinoBuilds_01_00.png
  • Hello,
    Could someone help me please understand exactly what scripts are executed to build the Espruino ESp32 bins found at https://www.espruino.com/binaries/travis­? Also is that the same scripts building released versio bins at //www.espruino.com/binaries/.
    Are the scripts visible somewhere??

    Im still trying to understand better the ESP32 build. The reason is:
    Im having some success building it in windows / VScode with the ESP-IDF tools (V3.3.6) using cmake - actually flashed a working V18 version today.
    Im going to have a go at modifying this to try and build in ESP-IDF (V4.x) to contribute in that direction . (tricky stuff for me .. no one hold breath please).

  • Hi Simon,

    there are these main phase :

    1. ESP-IDF get all needed includes, libraries and linker setting required for make
    2. Build firmware and flash
    3. Test test test....
    4. Update espruino/Espruino and espruino/EspruinoBuildTools

    The first one is the painful stuff, because each ESP-IDF major version has changes and depreciated stuff. Which means someone has to change ESP32 source code and makefile. At the moment I can build the firmware based on ESP-IDF V4.x without crypto but run into a boot loop after flashing. Details can be found here ESP32 build with esp-idf 4.4.4 #2370. This stuff is on hold and not sure when picking it up again because it is so frustrting as there is no support from Espresif and close to zero from other Espruino users (Improve ESP32 implementation #1777). That's why the ESP32 is stuck on ESP-IDF V3.3.6.

    Good luck and hope you can make it!

  • Thanks @MaBe , your phases make sense and I see your good work on #2370;
    Its not easy, I am sure, very tricky stuff.

    Any help understanding on exacly which scripts are run to make the the travis and release builds would be appreciated. I suppose they are some of the scripts in EspruinoBuildTools but which ones are used? Its background infor for me to understand when the idf build output (stored in the deploy zips) is being updated in these production builds. For example they could run from EspruinoBuildTools: build-idf.sh then build-tgz .sh or maybe just build-tgz.

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Visual of the ESP32 Build Scripts and Build process

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