Bluetooth 5.1 module/adaptor

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  • Hi,

    Has anyone been able to source a Bluetooth module/adaptor than runs with Bluetooth version 5.1? I'm looking to use the AoA and AoD feature to improve the accuracy of the RSSI readings I'm using for a project I'm working on. I've contacted a few suppliers but with all I can get are modules with chipsets with Bluetooth version 5.0...

    Any and all feedback greatly appreciated...



  • Yes, I have also tried to run my bluetooth adaptor with thee version 5.1 , but it seems like some technical error at the time of ejection, And I also need some fix solutions for the same.

  • Hi. Any news/updates on this? Would like to use a puck.js for advance position/direction sensing via BT5.1

  • are you aware it needs devices with multiple antennas so it is not just software issue or "having 5.1" issue, it needs specific setup, check e.g.­h/bluetooth-5-1 "Angle of Departure Design Considerations"

    • Beacons require 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 antenna arrays and switches
    • Mobile devices like smartphones need to support AoD algorithms
    • Beacon coordinates must be known by the location services system

    EDIT: see also­tooth-Direction-Finding it lists hardware that supports it, nrf52832 is not there so won't work with Puck.js even if you had all that fancy stuff with antenna arrays around you

    nor the 52840 in Bangle 2 has it­q-a/45000/nrf52840-ble-5-1-direction-fin­ding

    There is 52833 listed which is Microbit 2 so maybe that one could work.

    EDIT2: here is specific HW description of the feature­ps_nrf52833/radio.html?cp=4_1_0_5_17_11#­concept_dfe so it looks like you need HW support on both sides for both cases ( AoA and AoD) for this to work

  • Thanks fanoush, was aware of the antenna setup but did not know if the puck could manage - now I know...

    I am working on an interactive art installation, so I am quite flexible with the setup. For example I am thinking of not using the exact position of the puck (or similar device) relative to the receiver device, but just the distance. Any idea if that would work?

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Bluetooth 5.1 module/adaptor

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