• @Wilberforce Just as an amusing follow up, I actually TOOK the bootloader.bin from the latest build I did and replaced it with the one in 1v98 which did not work correctly before. I reflashed the board and it worked fine. So the magic does seem to happen in bootloader.bin, at least with regards to these settings.

    Also yes the board is very nice as its been designed from scratch around the ESP32. Most of them use a WROOM module then tack on OLED screen, plus Li-Ion charger, and seem kind of monsterous. I'd be curious to try out this board's slightly cooler brother that sports LoRa.

  • @Wilberforce
    its still in pre beta status. Therfore its not in github yet.
    I'll attach actual source for you.
    Still in vacation, and just a shoe is flying into my direction, telling me stop this reply ;-)

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  • @JumJum I think the flying shoe distracted your and you attached the wrong file ;-)

    Enjoy your break.

  • Oh, oh, you should see the heels, they must have hit something ,....
    Anyway, as mentioned above, attached is first step only.
    May be, we could use a call of the mk-file created by this to replace lots of lines in make/family/ESP32.make (?)

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  • The first attached file contains 
    for BOARDNAME in PICO_1V3_CC3000 PICO_1V3_WIZ
      echo $BOARDNAME 

    So not enough to see what you are doing.

  • Did you see getcomponentsmake.py attached to my previous reply ?
    This should show, what I did.

  • I downloaded the latest binary from travis, but it does not help for me.

    How can I make this work? (I got this board just today.)

    So answering for myself:
    flash complett 1v95 version,
    then just flash the espruino_esp32.bin

    And now I can use espruino ide, but the ide is slow. (the same speed trough wifi connection)

  • Actually, the component that really matters for the Heltec board is bootloader.bin. Get the latest from Travis. It seems to use a different onboard crystal from most modules. Which board are you using from them, the LoRa board, or the "Wifi Kit 32"?

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Custom or additional baud rates for Espruino Web IDE? (HelTec WB32 communicates @ 74880 baud)

Posted by Avatar for hungryforcodes @hungryforcodes