Unable to flash esp-12

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  • Hello there. I am trying to flash the latest firmware v85 to flash an esp12 mcu. I am using esptool.py and following instructions provided on the website. Everytime the flashing finishes, the mcu restarts in a weird way with no led lighting and it consumes more power. when i try to connect there are weird letters and symbols and it says prompt not found. Any clue on how to fix this? i am using flash map for 4mb mcu. i have tried it using esptool, espflasher, nodemcu flash tool,etc. all same behaviour. any help is highly appreciated. thanks

  • Are you connecting at the correct baud rate?

    The IDE defaults to 9600, but ESP8266 uses 115200...

  • I changed the power supply and it worked! also, yeah good tip about the baud rate, i kept forgetting to change it. Thx


Unable to flash esp-12

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