two serials at the same time

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  • Hi, all!
    I use two serials simultaneously.


    Serial3.on('data', function (data2) {... i cant write like Serial3.on('data2', function (data2) {...```
    last one doesn't work
    if both serials work, some wrong data I see in the serial buffer- doubled snippets...
    how do I do it right?

  • You should not write SerialN.on('data2'... ) beacause there is no such message. All serials can register a callback on the 'data' event. then the variable 'data' (which is a different thing from the name of the event) is local to the function, so no need to call it differently.

    So, what i mean is:

    Serial2.on('data', function(data) { console.log("Received " + data + "on serial2") });
    Serial3.on('data', function(data) { console.log("Received " + data + "on serial3") });

    should just work.

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two serials at the same time

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