• Ok, so after another quick look, I'm not at the following (still not mapped regular pins, but will get to that tonight).

    I've hooked up IOREF to 3.3v, as this should be used later on my shields to adapt to the voltage of the microcontroller (the Arduino DUE uses 3.3v). The AREF I won't wire up as it looks like the responsibility of the microcontroller to handle that and it doesn't look like Espruino does. I've also added a pad next to the 5v pin to allow wiring of a 5v regulator (could maybe add a small proto area on the end for this?).

    Regarding the SCL pin, I've hooked it up on pins B10 and B11, which could be a bit awkward to mount headers for, but I guess people don't have to add them if they don't use them.

    Now, the only issue I've got currently then, is the fact I am now using pins A8 and B8 (B8 is needed for CC3000). I know you mentioned in your last post that I shouldn't use pins with the same number, so does this mean this setup won't work?

    Many thanks


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