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  • Thought I'd start this thread off, as I have a few project specific questions I wouldn't mind some assistance with, but first off a bit of background.

    I came across this cool kit­lections/frontpage/products/diy-gamer-ki­t-with-arduino and thought, as it's just a bunch of buttons and an LED matrix, this could be uber cool to convert to use an Espruino.

    My first steps are going to be making the Espruino share the same footprint as the Arduino, and for that I'm already working on an adapter (see­711/).

    Once I have this, it should then be a case of mapping the Arduino pins, to the Espruino and re-writing the library.

    After speaking to the producers of the kit, they said the only thing that might cause an issue is that the LED matrix is rated at 5v, so I'd need to use a Logic Level Converter to converts the Espruinos 3.3v to 5v.

    So a couple of questions.

    1) I'm going to need a 5v supply for the converter, so would it be best to a) run the input power supply through a 5v regulator first, and then to the Espruino and just sprout off from there, b) same as the above but attach the 5v regulator to vbat of the Espruino and feed the power supply straight into the Espruino first or c) use a step-up regulator to step up the 3.3v to 5v?
    2) Given the attached diagram of pin usage, and the fact it's the LED display that is rated to 5v, which pins will need to converted to 5v?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


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