• Hi at all,

    first of all thank you so much for this project (of cause I am a kickstarter baker).

    Because I could not wait I ordered a olimexino-stm32 board and espruino worked like a charm.


    I am unable to get PWM working on two pins simultaneously.

    // This works:
    analogWrite(D37, 0.02, {freq:1000});
    // This does not work:
    analogWrite(D37, 0.02, {freq:1000});
    analogWrite(D4, 0.02, {freq:1000});
    // --> D4 keeps LOW

    I am pretty sure this is a mistake on my part.

    Many thanks and sorry for my english :-)


    After two hours I found out, that it works with another pin combination, e.g. D37 and D36.
    Probably it does not work with pins with ADC functionality?!


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