• Saturday's are for fixing bugs ;)

    We're using https://github.com/russross/blackfriday for markdown processing and it has a range of flags to enable/disable various features.

    We've now enabled Github Flavored Markdown for things like code blocks.

    And I've since disabled SmartyPants which attempts to do horrible "smart quotes" and which was turning single quotes into question marks.

    We're very receptive to any and all feedback, and are monitoring all of the sites we're running for issues. So feel free to let us know via the https://meta.microcosm.app site of any issues you find.

    We'd rather not pollute Gordon's space with forum questions, and keep this space focused on Espruino stuff. Especially as both @motter and I were in on the Kickstarter and are looking forward to nerding out and seeing what we can do with those.


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