• The difficulty is how to put it all together, onto such a small board. Are we trying to match the Arduino footprint exactly? (ie, matching the board size and everything (I think we should)) as if you look at the attached, the green is essentially the space taken up by the Espruino, so it leaves you with very little around the edge for other things like DC jacks. I'd also try to avoid adding stuff to the back side so that you could also use any Arduino mounts you might have.

    I've attached how I was thinking of mounting the Espruino. So my idea is to add some female headers down the middle, and mount the Espruino facing down (so the main pokey out bits all face downwards). To give clearance between this and the attached shield, I was then thinking of using the stackable headers in the Arduino header positions with spacers to make them stand above the Espruino and thus preventing any shorts.

    What are your thoughts? Should we just aim for Shield comparability? and not worry about board shape? or should we try to match every element as closely as possible?


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