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  • In my past projects I have successfully used a MCP9701. Atlas-scientific has created a wonderful waterproof and food friendly product that incorporates the MCP9701. I emailed the manufacturer for more info about their product. They responded that their product uses a "MCP9701 and other stuff" in the past I had to modify their arduino example code to work with the mbed platform with success. Now, I would like to port/modify the arduinos example code to work on the Espruino platform. I stumbled across I am not sure of the mcp chip that I am using will work when using the Espruino thermistors example. The example page asked to check the resistance then use a matching resistor. I have never used a resistor with my past projects using a arduino and mbed because the datasheet of the temp probe­_datasheets/_sensor/ENV-TEMP_1.4.pdf never asked to use one. maybe the resister is already part of the atlas-scientific temp probe? I'm looking for guidance to port the code over to Espruino, any help is greatly appreciated.


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