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  • I seem to be not successful with the Xively - I used a REST client which gave me the info that it works with HTTP, too, so I gave it a try:

    header: X-Api-Key: RMspyWqYIq1m9vEyuF9Q9BLpngLf4Tr1MlEhmDnH­TbAjQvG8
    body: counter,2

    in JS it looks like this - but was not able to get a request through:

    function putXively() {
        var options = {
          host: '', 
          port: '80',
          headers: { "X-ApiKey":"RMspyWqYIq1m9vEyuF9Q9BLpngLf­4Tr1MlEhmDnHTbAjQvG8" }
        var req = require("http").request(options, function(res)
    		res.on('data', function(data) {
            setTimeout(putXively, 2000);
        req.end("counter," + counter++);

    Yes, I posted my API key. Don't care, this is for testing. Feel free to use exactly the same key. The feed is also public, e.g. can be accessed via

    I made a few test calls via RESTclient, so some data is there. But unfortunately did not get a request through via the Espruino+CC3000.


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