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  • I am experiencing issues with the CC3000 in chatty environments, the TI CC3000 seems to be unstable and not able to connect, lose the connection, etc.

    I love espruino and the coding style with javascript, but the CC3000 / WiFi might simply be too unstable. In the end I am building prototypes with it that might get presented at conferences and if the wifi is not rock-solid, it is a ticket to fail.

    I read the only way to use the internet right now on an Espruino is the CC3000 - but apparently some other options are under way. Will there be a Ethernet option? I know from the experience on Arduino, that Ethernet is typically pretty stable.

    @Gordon could you let us know if something is in the works and maybe include a rough timeline? I need some rough outlook as I need to make the decision if espruino can be used for more solid prototypes including HTTP requests in the short/mid/long term.



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