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  • Thx Gordon, very cool. BTW would there be a way to extendn the request function to be able to include Request Headers - and potentially access teh response headers?

    In general I am super super super happy not to have to deal with the parsing of the raw response, e.g. data in the on('data') even contains the pure body of the response, not the raw headers around it (that's so painful on Arduino).

    But I assume sometimes it woudl be nice to access headers. e..g. res.body woudl be the body, by res.headers a map with the headers.

    In another post I mentioned that I have issues with the stability. I get erros from the CC3000 but once these happens I have no way to restart the device, other than pressing reset. And especially here in an office environment, the likelihood to get the CC3000 connected and a few requests sent out is very low. The max. number of consecutive post requests I was able to send is two :-) then the CC3000 crashed and all stopped.

    Any idea?


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