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  • Hi all,

    I am currently exploring the "best" prototyping platform for a little project, I've used the Spark Core already for example and know that the CC3000 seems to have real issues in "chatty" WiFi environments. Nevertheless, I am wondering if there is somethign I could do from an Espruino point of view.

    The error I am getting is this:

    ERROR: Timeout in CC3000 driver (4103)
    ERROR: Connect failed
    at line 22 col 13
    in function called from system
    Looks like CC3000 has died again. Power cycling...

    My code is doing a HTTP post request, then once data has been received, it will schedule the same request again after 5 seconds. Ideally I would like to get a constant server-client connection, WebSockets or so, but I think if simple HTTP requests are a stability issue, I won't go in this area.

    Is there a way to

    • make it more stable?
    • or could I at least reset the CC3000 somehow, catch the exception it did throw and start again?



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