• it appears that I can no longer save a program on my Discovery board. I can Send a program to the board and it starts to run and the program works, and I write save(); and when I press ENTER it seems that the program is being written, as I see the "Erasing Flash.. and Programming 109000 Bytes... Checking... Done!
    and then it shows the
    Running onInit()...
    as expected, and my program still works. but if I unplug power and try to run the program with or without connection to a computer, there is nothing. the program does not appear to have been saved.
    this used to work. I am using the latest web ide and the latest nigthly (1v51 it says).
    I have not tried to go back to an earlier version. I wonder if I am doing something wrong, but my programs used to run standalone after being saved()


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