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  • Hello,

    I have a STM32 2.4 inch LCD Board (VET6). The LCD works fine in the Web IDE, but when I type save() and it loads to flash, the screen comes back white and does not respond to commands. The rest of the program appears to be operating (in the example below the lights keep flashing):

    function toggle1() {
    on1 = !on1;
    digitalWrite(LED4, on1);
    LCD.drawString("Hello World!", 1, 20);
    function toggle2() {
    on2 = !on2;
    digitalWrite(LED3, on2);

    var l = false;

    setWatch(toggle1, E4, {repeat: true, edge:'falling'});
    setWatch(toggle2, E3, {repeat: true, edge:'falling'});

    The LCD displays the Espruino start screen fine when not connected to the computer (mobile phone power supply) and it has just been flashed in "Flash Loader Demo". Do I have to initialise the screen, am I missing something obvious?

    Many thanks,



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