• This is a bit strange and most likely user error. But here it is: I created an espruino script with the web ide and create a server on port 80 - this all works when I transfer the script via the web ide.

    I then write save(); via the web ide command line to save the program to flash, disconnect from the mac's USB and plug the espruino via the same USB cable into a USB power supply. I've tried this a couple of times now, but the server is no longer available. I also checked my router, the espruino did get assigned the same IP.

    Because I had no idea how console.log() works or what it does, I commented out these calls. Would that be OK to leave them in, even though the USB cable is just a power supply?

    But again, this does not seem the real issue. Is save() the issue? What do I need to do if I want to save a script in the espruino and boot it up whenever I connect the espruino to power?



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