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  • Dear Espruino Fans,

    after some quick wins with my Espruino I thought "now let's use it for real things" and ordered some Wiznet LAN modules to get connected. Connecting the pins seems quite simple but I'm struggling quite some time to get the Firmware compiled.

    I used - like Gordon told - :
    git clone­
    cd Espruino
    And this works, but (as says)...
    is not working.

    CC libs/filesystem/fat_sd/fattime.o make: arm-none-eabi-gcc: Command
    not found make: *** [libs/filesystem/fat_sd/fattime.o] Error 127

    I downloaded the Compiler from the first post of this thread (­ools/sourcery-codebench/editions/lite-ed­ition/).
    Now it builds correctly, but fails because it gets too big:

    LD espruino_1v68_espruino_1r3.elf GEN espruino_1v68_espruino_1r3.lst
    GEN espruino_1v68_espruino_1r3.bin bash scripts/
    espruino_1v68_espruino_1r3.bin FAIL - size of 224324 is over 215040
    bytes make: *** [espruino_1v68_espruino_1r3.bin] Error 1 make: ***
    Waiting for unfinished jobs.... Build failed

    I'd be happy if someone could help me figure out how to get WizNet LAN working on my Espruino.

    Best regards, Jack


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