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  • Awesome, thanks for the very thorough response! I haven't received my Espruino (starter kit) yet, but I had bought an STM32F4Discovery a few months ago that I've been playing with in the mean time. I had written a small program to cycle the state (0 to 1 and back) of the A2 pin every 3 seconds on my board last night, and was checking it with a digital multi-meter to see if it was pulled to ground, but didn't realize that reading the pin value would cause it to float as the voltage never changed much. Guess I should've used an analog meter to see it "bounce" from being pulled to ground. I was doing console.log( immediately after setting the pin, so it was probably too fast for the digital meter to pick up that it gained or lost voltage before floating.

    Hopefully I can wire it directly like you have mentioned above that would be preferable (and what I was attempting last night), if not then I'll go the relay route. I'm pretty sure the 2nd wire on reset is chassis ground, I'll check tonight after work...


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