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  • So... I managed to connect the CC3000 to the HY32. But it would only accept SPI2 and crashes deep (Display backlight and USB led go dark) when trying to use SPI1. Also the Reference image shows SPI3 on the same pins as SPI1, however, the board's config says it only has 2 SPIs, anyway. So SPI3 is actually not defined. Maybe the pin info for the board is not clear/clean on some details?

    I now reconfigured the cc3000 to use SPI2 (B13, B14, B15) with B12, B8 and B9 for the additional Pins, which worked right away.

    I also saw that the pin reference shows USB as a function for three pins. Can that be used for anything right now? It's probably for OTG/Host mode?

    I have now a new problem, "too many recursions" when doing the MD5 on the HY32. I'll open a new thread for that one.



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