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    At least I get the bins onto the board now :) I can get around the zeros by lowering the chunk size to 128 or something. Using the same chunk size for writing to the board.

    I will look into that serial issue in more detail later on, and maybe get the original script to work reliably with the board. I have collected a few alternative serial drivers for OS X and might also look into Xojo's serial handling (which I used to be cross platform, but it seems to have its own "characteristics" and best practices that need to be obeyed).

    Still, I now can confirm that in your builds/files 1.48 is the last working version (the ones after don't react to any of the USB serial ports and don't display anything on boot) and that alexrlopez86's build of 1.62 boots up the board, displays the bootup text on screen and allows access via both USB serial ports. Perfect. For now.

    I haven't had the time to look at his code, so I can't say right now, whether it's his changes to the USB flags, or just his own build that make it work. But it boots up the board, so I can finally come back to the actual usecase :)

    So, maybe you can incorporate the changes? Or just do a build with your tool chain?He seems to have archived the complete checkout with changes, so it might not be that much of a task. Thanks again for all your responses to the weird serial port probs. Kept me looking at the issue.

    And thanks again to alexrlopez86, keep the builds coming :) (Have you tried whether a build on your toolchain without any changes would create a running build?).



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