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  • Thank you Gordon for building a new version, I only got time to try it yesterday. Updating did not go smooth for some reason first time it fail with an error, so had to update twice before it succeeded. Same happened on both watches.

    While updating the phone with 55ppm often disconnected before it scanned for installed apps. After successful installation of 2v21.9 connection were stable and I had it connected for maybe an hour without disconnects. So for me it an success and I believe the cost is marginal regarding power consumption while connected, 20ppm vs 50ppm but user experience is much better if you were unlucky to get one with inaccurate clock.

    For your suggestion to not use xtal I believe you are incorrect, the calibration accuracy is more like 250ppm and if I remember correct they changed it in newer softdevice versions so it always use 500ppm. Calibration cost power, it wakes up every 1 second to do the calibration. I have worked with Nordic semiconductors in my work, from nRF51822 to nRF52832. We saved the extra xtal to save cost when we do not have power all the time to have a real time clock.


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