• Interesting, at one point I ran some motion artifact algorithms from papers like WPFY but they always failed because of the noisy data. Maybe I should try again with the changed LED intensity.

    it shows something like 90 bpm where my heart rate is probably more like 50 bpm when I am sitting still.

    ok this is unexpected. Just to make sure, you did remove the plastic cover from the sensor? Because from my experience the readings only become bad if movement is involved.

  • @user140377 If there is a plastic film cover over my sensor, it is very well attached - I can't detect it.
    I thought from reading this thread that most people were finding that the Bangle bpm was lower than manual measurements, but I am seeing higher - it is consistent with my watch as I had someone else wear it and got a similar answer. I'll try the LED intensity and see if it makes any difference.


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