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  • Here is a gist of what works on my Watchy:­7d734928c5d5a1b622c2c13

    it runs through your original demo, then does a partial refresh demo. It needs to be cleaned up before becoming a module.

    Not sure if this is compatible with SSD1606 or not, I don't have one to try. I know it's not compatible with IL3829 (an older 1.54 screen).

    It's not perfect, no. On my screen the regular update creates faint, but crisp edges for text and shapes, whereas the partial refresh thickens everything up (it's easier to read, just not as precise). I'm still trying to figure this stuff out.

    As for the LUT, it's from the Heltec site where my first 1.54 came from:­k/blob/master/src/DEPG0150BxS810FxX_BW.h­

    Screens vary a LOT from what I understand, so maybe try a Waveshare source file too?


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