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  • By partial, do you mean "partial update" (updating a subsection of the screen) or partial (i.e. "fast") refresh? You've got your partialFlip() implementing a little of both. I've never used partial screen refresh as it's a lot of work to save a few milliseconds while the screen still takes 2 sec to display. As for a "partial refresh", you need to set it up first with a few commands (reinitialize, set the partial LUT), then when you flip, you include the extra command (0x22, 0xcf) before update (0x20).

    Looks like your partial update is requesting the updated dimensions of the buffer, but it seems to return the entire buffer area. Therefore, you're recreating the entire buffer in JS and sending it, so it takes quite a bit of time.

    I'm working on getting partial refresh put into your sample. It seems my Watchy is not honoring the busy pin well...


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