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    I don't see

    learn the "gramma" of 100+ languages

    to be the issue here...

    It is the 'cartesian product' of all the nitty gritty deltas of all the components that have to play nice with each other by code that does not break the 'resources' bank.

    Infrastructures and frameworks that can handle the deltas of various hardware platforms are generally very bloated not only in respect to static resources - code memory - but also in respect to dynamic resources - variable memory and cycles - at runtime. Build-time effort left by the side.

    Therefore, picking and focusing on (just) a few 'animals' that are 'biologically' compatible is the requirement for (economic) sustainability.

    For me, Espruino ecosystem can claim the Guiness World Record for biodiversity, hackability, resourcefulness, robustness,... and is vibrantly alive (has survived many others).


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