• Hello all,

    very interesting developments here!
    I have been trying the new algorithms myself too. I had the Heart Rate Monitor app on the Bangls JS (version 2 bought from Kickstarter campaign, FW 2v19), and another smartwatch plus a PPG from the samrtphone on the other arm. I have noticed some differences, especially at lower HRs, but couldn't do this very systematically. I am planning to do some more tests with a bluetooth Polar ECG belt in the coming days and will report back.

    I have read in this thread that the manufacturer's library also supports SPO2 and Blood Pressure. It would be extremely interesting to receive these 2 as well. I do not trust BP at all, but SPO2 is doable and has been proven reliable on other devices (for example Withings). Is there any plan to support these? And /or to allow collecting PPG from the 2 LEDs (my understanding is that there is a green LED and an Infrared LED)?



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