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  • ok, why did prefer the touch areas over up/down/left/right swipes?

    The game uses a selector which you need to move to the a pipe which you want to rotate or to move over an arrow on sides in case of slide mode. If you need to move the selector 3 times left and 4 times down before reaching the waterpipe you want todo your action on it can be done much quicker by quickly touching the screen 3 times near left edge and then 4 times near bottom edge than when having to swipe 3 times left then swipe 4 times down its faster and feels more natural to me than swiping. Also with swiping you obscure in a lot of case the complete playfield on your screen with your finger, while touching on the sides you can still see a bit of the middle. Touching just feels more natural than swiping to me, i did not want to constantly swipe on the screen to move the selector