• Okay. I had a bit of time today so I added the code 128 support.
    You can find the code here: https://github.com/Akisame-AI/Bangle-js-­2-Barcode
    Next time I have some time to kill I'll create a settings page where you can add your barcodes.
    support Bangle 1
    Make it actually usable (allow switching of barcodes)
    Settings page
    Scaling of everything
    Display name of barcodes

    The code is a bit long (12.8 kb, 295 lines of code) and can probably be optimized further.
    For Code-128 the max length varies based on how many times you switch between codeset. If you only use numbers you can fit 24 characters (since every 2 numbers is 1 set), If you only use letters and symbols you can fit 12 characters. Every switch between the two codesets will cost you a character. If you go below 4 sets (so 8 numbers or 4 characters) it will automatically scale up.


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