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  • I had a look at the code. Is that C code really running ?

    Not sure i understand the question but in the emulator the C code is not running, but if it's not javascript code is used. The C code only compiles when uploading to the watch but not in the emulator. I only made specific parts in C all the rest is basically javascript code running. (see line 1023 for example) USECCODE is set to false when it could not compile the C Code (inside the emulator for example) and based on that boolean flag i either run the C Code or the Javascript version of the function

    I think there is maybe a problem with the logic for the state machine for the movement / centre button. In the simulator I can go up, up. left, left. Then Right or bottom wil rotate the tile. So it gets a bit confusing.

    I can not reproduce this not on my watch nor in the simulator, so when you play the game and you press the upper parts twice (so the selector moves 2 times up) and then you press the left part of the screen twice (so selector moves 2 times left) and then you press the bottom or Right direction it rotates the tile ? Are you certain you pressed the complete bottom or right parts ? Enabling the inputrect in the options will make sure you press in the correct parts as it shows where you are supposed to touche / click. On the bangle itself you need to touch the screen on the sides. Can you be more specific about what you did exactly so i can reproduce it

    Edit: not sure if it matters but i run the emulator in chrome on windows