• EAN-13 has a checksum digit, is that what you mean? What barcode types are typically used for those cards?

  • @MaBe yeah, EAN is actually quite clever in its error correction with the L, G and R encoding.
    The barcodes used differs per country. In Europe you need EAN-13, EAN-8, code 39, code 128 or a QR code. In my and my wife's wallet I found mainly code 128 and EAN-13 cards.
    Code 128 and 39 are usually only numbers with rarely an asterisk symbol in there so the look up table should be doable. Still big though with 106 unique items.
    Longest code 128 I was able to find was 19 characters in 128C. That should fit on the bangle 2 but it will be small as there isn't any option to scale it
    The smallest code 128 I found is 11 symbols and can also not be scaled.
    Hmm. I will have to do a field test to see if the scanners are able to scan these tiny code 128 barcodes.
    If they can then there's no issue.


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