• hi,

    i have some problems with some unpredictable reboots when running gipy.

    the watch just reboots more or less randomly. there is no error message on the console nor on the watch itself. i'm not sure what is causing this.

    i know that adding "jit"; to the display_thick_tile method in the Map class will guarantee an immediate reboot 100% of the time. however if i don't have it there is still a reboot. if i remove the "jit"; in the display_tile method (the jit i currently use) the reboots frequencies decrease but i still have it. if i remove the widgets loading and drawing it decreases even further but i still have it.

    my guess is that there is a kind of memory limit i'm reaching but i don't know what.
    process.Memory() is not helping me since everything seems ok.
    half the memory is free, i still have 48000 of stack.

    i'm really not sure what to do here.


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