• I've run into two possibly-related issues with the handling of notifications for AntennaPod:

    1. Playing any episode, pausing, then resuming after a minute or so results in a Loading. If this does not go away, play any episode and contact us. notification showing on Bangle.js, however my phone never shows this notification

      • That notification does not go away without me actually deleting the message from the Message GUI

    2. Refreshing podcasts and downloading episodes result in the watch buzzing for every percentage change despite AntennaPod specifying setOnlyAlertOnce()

    I tried filing an issue on AntennaPod's repository, suggesting that download notifications should not be forwarded to wearables, but the developer responded saying some folks may expect download notifications, which I s'pose makes sense - e.g. if you have a slow download, you could monitor it from your watch/computer via KDE Connect/etc.

    I'm not sure if this is a Gadgetbridge problem, a Bangle.js problem, or something else…?

    Device details

    • Pixel 4 XL (LineageOS 20 + GApps, Gadgetbridge 0.74.0-banglejs)
    • Bangle.js 2 (firmware 2v18)


    antonclk (0.11), gpsautotime (0.04), locale (0.17), launch (0.20), about (0.14), clkinfosunrise (0.03), widlock (0.08), agpsdata (0.06), circlesclock (0.25), info (0.03), qcenter (0.04), messageicons (0.05), widbat (0.11), weather (0.25), sched (0.22), widminbt (0.01), alarm (0.41), health (0.23), widmessages (0.05), widalarmeta (0.10), owmweather (0.03), loadingscreen (0.01), kbswipe (0.08), notify (0.13), boot (0.58), setting (0.61), messages (0.60), mylocation (0.10), clock_info (0.06), android (0.29), rescalc (0.03), messagegui (0.73), multitimer (0.04), agenda (0.14), quicklaunch (0.15)