• Hey there I got your example working using following code:

      0x180D: { // heart_rate
        0x2A37: { // heart_rate_measurement
          notify: true,
          value : [0x06, 0],
      }, { advertise: [ '180D' ] });
      Bangle.on('HRM', function(hrm) {
          '180d': {
            '2a37': {
              value: [0x06, hrm.bpm],
              notify: true

    With this code, I could see the heart rate inside the nRF connect app as well as in FitoTrack for Android. However, I got two problems to solve: First, setServices requires a BLE restart. Secondly, if the device is already connected to e.g. gadgetbridge it is not discoverable except when I trigger it within the bluetooth settings.


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