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    I would like to attach multiple external buttons to a Puck. I want to do this so that I can send different commands via Bluetooth to an iPhone that the Puck is connected to. I'm aware that the Puck has a button underneath the silicone, however my use-case involves the buttons being distanced from the Puck itself, so I need some buttons wired into the Puck.

    I of course need a Puck and some buttons. However, I don't know what other equipment I need to wire it all up.

    What else do I need? Will I need a soldering iron?

    I would like to use a Puck because it is powered by a small battery. If there is an alternate device that is powered by a small battery, and can also have external buttons connected, then I am open to using that, if its more appropriate.

    I have no experience with hardware projects, but I am absolutely willing to learn.


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