• I tested cutting edge build and for me the HR is still about 10BPM off (lower) when sitting in steady state. I tried one Q3 with Bangle2 firmware, second Q3 with original firmware, GT101 fitness tracker and B5 fitness tracker both with original firmware. So on both hands I had one Q3 watch and one fitness tracker. When sitting still the three of them agreed my rate is about 70-75 while Bangle 2 showed 60-65 often with 100% confidence. Once I started moving and HR grew higher the difference went away and I had cases when all 4 agreed on my HR above 80 but when I went sitting still again and HR went lower then again there was about 10BPM difference. @Gordon is that binary from same source as used in original Q3 firmware? Because that one shows 'correct' value different from Bangle2. Maybe you can even try yourself with one still with Q3 firmware.

    I don't have anything else than all those watches and fitness trackers all using similar PPG sensors so not sure if my HR is actually 60 or 70 when sitting.

    And BTW the Q3 also shows blood pressure with VC31 sensor, do you have access to that binary too? The B5 fitness tracker (from SMA too but differenf HR sensor) shows blood pressure too and they show very similar values. And when I had blood pressure monitor from my doctor for a day I tried to use B5 at the same time and it showed very similar values for normal pressure I have so I was surprised it actually worked.


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