• 1) According to info app and firmware updater via https://banglejs.com/apps/?q=firmwa and also suggested clockinfo widget:

    Your current firmware version is 2v17 and DFU is 2v16
    Update was done this thursday via mentioned FW updater not via NRF toolkit or other android thirdparty


    Are you saying you definitely only recorded 20 steps when looking at the step count in Lato (which uses the clock_info and reads direct from the step count Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").steps). I was a bit confused by the three ... after the numbers.
    Yup. And those "..." was me totally overreacting. Sorry for misdirection. And keep in mind that
    Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").steps gets me now 26 (late evening), clockinfo same, but health app (this one should use same handle for charting?) shows 30 steps

    There are many other quirks

    1. HR sensor is all over the place (from 30 - 90 in 10 minute intervals I set up in Health app)
    2. When i get back from launcher (desktop launcher) most of widgets are hidden unless i specific redraw this using long press). Only Light Switch Widget stays but remain unresponsive anyway
    3. Wheel Menus are loading only sometimes. When not it working only if I upload other app (so probably updating boot kicks it in?)

    So my conclusion for today is:

    1. Reinstall firmware
    2. Reinstall all apps I am using
    3. Test tomorrow with right hand again (i will carry my old smartband for comparsion)

    @morning update
    First small success. After wipe update and reinstall HRM seems to working without issue.
    Only gimmick is that I was afraid of downgrade so to be sure I installed now latest beta FW.
    I will update steps issue after a walk

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