• Hi guys,

    new to the JS2 and smart watches in general, never considered one due to privacy concerns.
    My original intent in getting one was tracking some health related data (pulse, steps) and do a long term observation on it.
    I know it might not be 100% accurate but as long as I use the same device its relative values are comparable.

    To that end I am planning on exporting my data to a tsdb and display on Grafana since I am just not an phone/app person (too old probably).

    I will be following https://github.com/simonedesogus/XiaomiM­iBand5Dashboard basically and am taking the first steps now (since I got my JS2 just yesterday).

    I have installed Health Tracking and configured a 3m interval, i autosync that to Gadgetbridge every couple of hours (as per Gadgetbridge setting)

    So with that goal declared, a couple of questions:

    1. I was under the impression that the JS2 would cache data at night to be synced to the (Android) phone in the morning. However, data stopped being gathered as soon as I turned off bluetooth last night.
      Expected behavior or a misconfiguration?

    2. I looked at the sqlite3 file I am saving my Gadgetbridge data to and it contains significantly less data then I expected. It has 49 rows and should have sampled from like 12 am to 12pm yesterday.
      I'd expect 20 data points per hour given the 3m time interval.

    Now this might be a Gadgetbridge issue or it might be a JS2 issue - if the former I'll have to ask them o/c.

    1. The table (Bangle_JSActivity_Sample) also seems to contain less columns that i expected (basically only steps, raw_kind and heart_rate. This might be everything Health Tracking saves, but I might consider adding environment data (air pressure, temp) to it and I wonder where would that go?
      Given that the table structure seems fixed (based on a bunch of other tables for other device being defined) it might actually not get exported?

    Thanks for any pointers you can give.



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