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  • I scanned QR code, opened browser on phone, connected to some BLE espruino device. It immediately disconnected and prints that is device is now paired device list.

    However on PC nothing happens. QR code dialog stays on. When I close the dialog with QR code and try to reconnect nothing magically appears there, same dialog as before with 3 choices of web bluetooth, web serial and emulator shows. I can open qr code dialog again and retry, guids stay the same but again nothing more happens when connecting to device on phone.

    What is supposed to happen on PC with QR code dialog opened in "The device will now magically appear as something you can connect to in the IDE" step?

    The browser on phone is Samsung Internet browser, so far it worked great with WebIDE.
    After some time (phone went off?) I noticed Error lost connection to server in the phone espruino IDE otput.

    You said "f you left an old Android phone at home you can then connect to any of your Espruino devices from anywhere in the world." - how that is supposed to work when the phone goes idle and turn screen off? Can I reconnect is such state?


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