• Hi,

    It was most likely interference on the powerline, and fixed because of the decoupling caps on all LEDs.

    It's not a led strip, but through hole LEDs connected in a grid-style (large Word Clock). So the issue are the LEDs themselves (beeing other types and/or the specs on the datasheet are incorrect or based on single led applications without beeing chained ;) )

    True, they recreate the signal (i've read you can use one as a makeshift level shifter because of that), so that is probably also why the data changed (interference on the power line causing one or more bits to flip).

    I've hooked up B3 to a DCF77 receiver and use the DCF77 library, but i don't think that uses/needs SPI(1). On espruino_2v17 sending data worked without the SPI2 setup, but with espruino_2v17.23_pico_1r3 i needed to add the SPI2 setup to make it work. So i think that last change is not an improvement.

    Thanks again for your effords, i'm happy to have it working now. :)


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