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  • In my experience, trying to get a compiler to work takes days, while writing a code library takes hours.
    And why would 4 tiny SPI functions need 8KB of RAM??? It will be much less than 1KB in JS. I have maybe 2KB I can sacrifice at most.
    I will work on it when I get home. Thank you again.

  • why would 4 tiny SPI functions need 8KB of RAM

    it is whole filesystem module - file IO methods + FAT filesystem implementation

    and it is not RAM

  • Oh, sorry; I don't understand well enough. I thought Puck had 512 KB of storage and 64KB of RAM. But you said "reduce it from 40 to 32KB."

    In any case, I won't mess with C or compilers. The only reason I'm using Puck instead of Raspberry Pi zero is to avoid wasted time with compilers.


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