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  • In a UI context, the long press vs short kick usually initiates an alternate function or a menu to select from a host of alternate functions. It became necessity when - because of Apple (2) - lost the second eye to end up as a single eyed minion. Initially, the mouse started out with 3...

    Next issue with touch vs mouse is the loss of continuous 'contact' of the pointing device indicator - and with that the mouse pointer had to go away. Luckily touch w/ move - drag - is introduced.

    Back to the long press: this could actually really increase robustness of changing settings. I experience the setting of, for example, elements of time very finicky... may be I do it wrong, but a long press on the item with a pop up that has plenty real estate to have easy usable up/down, cancel/ok controls.

    Sometimes the direct control is not worth the trouble it creates, or in other words, and extra touch at the begin and end of an operation is worth to pay to have a robust working operation. This is especially true in the fight of a fat finger on a super tiny and moving touch screen.


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